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It is challenge consisting of passion and contradiction when we take over the new restaurant which will keep a foothold at the most fashionable and dynamic landmark in Chengdu. It is a time-honored restaurant which has been famous for Sichuan cuisine over a hundred years and inherited by four generations. The restaurant devotes itself to cook traditional exquisite Sichuan dishes by using the most ecological and natural food materials. The sense of leisure embodies the beauty of simplicity in “Xiaohebang” (a style of Sichuan cuisine).

After experiencing, recollecting and perceiving the glamour of various teahouses, old streets and markets in western Sichuan, the highlight of our space design must be the long-lost “relaxation and leisure” which is also the language to be used by us at this time.

Some noise, which may be a kind of jollification and feelings for ancient Sichuan and Chengdu, shall be included. Drinking tea, taking a meal and enjoying unvoiced sound may be at the same timeline. The bamboo and bamboo weaving at the West Sichuan Plain Area may accompany us as a kind of geniality and aftertaste of lives. It also may be a local characteristic to feel but not covered by impracticality and vanity as well as a space sense matched with the century-old restaurant.

The architectural design tries to avoid artificial elements in building appearance and patterns as much as possible, whatever they are outside surfaces or entrances. The building appearance can become gentle and exquisite by installing simple bamboo screens, ensuring good day-lighting and removing deliberate assemblies. Every detail in the room may shorten the distance between space and customers artificially, whatever it is the mental, spatial or reminiscent distance, such as Laohuzao (a traditional Chinese kitchen range used to boil water) tea table at the entry of restaurant, a large amount of kitchen range above the cooking station and rattan weaving behind sofas. It should be a combination of space and delicacy when customers cannot help having their eye expression of surprise just like in childhood.

Architects: Chengdu Hummingbird Design Consultant Co., Ltd.
Main designers: Tang Jiajun, Liu Ruiyan

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