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After 22 (pure coincidence!) years of calling 401 East Jackson Street their home, 22squared has just recently up-and-left for a new dazzling spot at 100 N Tampa Street.
To lead the design of the new space), 22squared formed the “Tampa Project 100” team composed of 22squared Tampa employees and local design partners. 22squared thought it was crucial to create a Tampa-led, Tampa-inspired space. What they ended up creating is an environment that is open, high-energy, has many gathering spaces, and is well equipped for democratized technology. 22squared also wanted to take full advantage of the sunlight and natural scenery that Tampa Bay provides.

Drawing inspiration from the city and the close-knit 22squared team, 22squared’s new Tampa office includes:
• The Sandbox – The idea behind 22squared’s Sandbox is that it connects directly to Tampa Bay. When you think back to your childhood, the sandbox is where we all first learned how to be creative – making images and creations while playing in the sand.
• Natural Materials – The entire office is made with reclaimed wood, cigar molds from Ybor City (Tampa’s historic district that was founded by Cuban cigar manufactures), Interface carpet, and more.

• Graffiti Wall – 22squared commissioned a graffiti mural to capture the office’s unique personality, as well Tampa and The Bay. This was designed by local designers, alongside 22squared employees. If you look closely, you will see an octopus within the wall. This represents the adaptability of the agency, and how all bodies (body parts) work together. Within the mural, there are also actual images of Tampa and The Bay (photo below).

• The Parklet – If you walk around Tampa’s Ybor City and some of the local, outdoor parks, you will see areas where the sidewalk and grass are mixed together. 22squared designed this room to encompass that scenery, using carpet from its client, Interface, all complete with a putting green.
• Pub & Cafe – Incudes various open seating arrangements, the latest technology and a “kegerator” only filled with local beers!

• The Picture Wall – Right before the Tampa office opened, every employee was given a picture frame and was given the opportunity to provide their favorite photo to contribute to the wall. This picture wall signifies a “Welcome Home” to all employees.
• Writeable Space – There are writeable spaces everywhere in the offices – walls & chalkboards.
• Open Environment – The Tampa office is completely open. The only “enclosed” spaces are the bathrooms and the Wellness Room.

• Versatile Seating Arrangements – There is everything from hanging chairs, hammocks, “mit” chairs, womb chairs, bean bags, poofs, and bench seating along the windows. You name it – you can sit on it!
• Brittney’s Bike – Brittney Fox Watts was a beloved member of 22squared’s media department who tragically passed too early in 2011. To remember her, the agency created a replica of her bike to represent her love for adventure and free-spirit nature.

• Bottle Cap Wall – At 22squared’s Tampa office, bottle caps were collected at every Town Hall meeting and hung up on a wall. Naturally, 22squared had to bring this important tradition and memory over to the new space.
The multitude of common areas and open environment is a testament to 22squared’s ethos of providing employees a highly collaborative culture.

Designed by Associated Space Design (ASD)
Builder – iConstructors
Project Management – Cushman & Wakefield, Inc.
Local Wood Craftsmen – UrbanResto
Local Graffiti Art Craftsmen – Pep Rally, Inc
Furniture – Beaux Arts
Systems Furniture – Knoll
Carpet – Interface

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