Costa Coffee by EDGE, London – UK

November 14th, 2016 by retail design blog

The first-of-its-kind trial store for Costa Coffee, the nation’s favourite coffee shop. Located in Wandsworth, the store is the result of close collaboration between EDGE, Our Design Agency, and Costa’s Innovation and Store Design teams. It promises to deliver new coffee experiences in a contemporary coffee shop environment, ramping up its efforts to share its perpetual passion for coffee with customer, and in a first for its UK high street stores, trials an extended evening offering including a small selection of alcoholic drinks to complement its food and drink range.

The store features a redesign of the counter and back bar menu system to showcase an extended coffee offering, through the introduction of new brewing methods (that take pride of place on the front counter) and a new range of single origin coffees, whilst continuing to build customers awareness of the original Mocha Italia signature blend. The layout of the store allows space to create two distinct moods. The bar area focuses on the immersion the customer in the art of coffee, with visibility to the barista and handcrafting of new coffees, whilst a more relaxed lounge area offers a landscape of comfortable seating.

“Our aim has been to deliver a warm and welcoming store environment, in keeping with the feel Costa are known and loved for, whilst evolving the interior to suit the needs of the metropolitan customer. The scheme includes new feature lighting, solo tables and cocktail chairs in a simplified palette of materials and finishes with highlights of polished brass and gold, complimenting the signature Costa red which is a key feature throughout” said Michael Fern, Director, EDGE. In 1971 the Costa brothers arrived in London with a burning desire to make fine coffee part of London life. This store is also a real celebration of the brand’s heritage made relevant for today’s coffee lovers.

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