Caffè del Doge by Lab4 architects, Larissa – Greece

May 23rd, 2017 by retail design blog

Caffè del Doge is an internationally re-known Italian coffee brand from Venice with several stores opened along years in many countries such as Italy, US – California, Japan, Egypt, Argentina, Hong Kong and others. It was founded in the ’50 by Sir Ermenegildo Rizzardini, a Venetian coffee expert, who built his artisanal coffee roasting plant (called ExtraDoge) near famous Rialto bridge in the ’50. Producing premium quality espresso coffee blends and selected single origins, in the last 20 years has been recognized in the global market for giving continuity to the “traditional venetian method” in the roasting and as a distinctive coffee producer .

Caffè del Doge in Larissa is the first store by the Italian brand licensed in Greece and the design and construction were undertaken by Harris Souliotis and Georgios Gougoulakis (Lab4 architects) on September 2016.

The main concept designing goal, expected by Manuele and Valentino Efstathiou (the coffee passionate brothers, owners of the Coffee bar), is the showcase of brand espresso products as well as the history of their origin and quality. Following this main concept idea, the whole space was designed by Lab4 architects in such a way so that it resembles to a coffee gallery, where the “exhibits” are the famous brand products themselves. All of them are presented on shelves and white marble stands, classified in categories.

Sir Rizzardini’s vision for high quality espresso products led also to the creation of a laboratory-like space where beverage production is made in front of the clients. So, the development of bar section to recreate the Venetian mood of the “bottega del caffè” strictly followed the fundamental instructions of Caffe del Doge C.E.O. and SCAE trainer Bernardo della Mea along with designer Pierino Pinato.

All materials were selected with the intention to give a feeling of a modern style Venetian atmosphere. The sense of pureness and cleanness which is reflected by white and marble surfaces refers to products freshness while concrete plaster implies the timeless taste and flavor through the years.

Design: Lab4 architects
Photography: Basilis Giwrgis

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