Grand Hyatt Dalian Show Kitchen by NAO Taniyama & Associates, Dalian – China

June 6th, 2017 by retail design blog

A new wind will blow in Dalian from the All Day Dining located on the ground floor of the Grand Hyatt Dalian Hotel built in a newly developing area. With the direct approach to the hotel from the beach, not only in-house guests, yet guests from outside will visit this hotel.

The resin veil inspired by the traditional bamboo work and created by the local craftsmen will protrude from the floor to the ceiling to envelop the space and as it acts as a shade for days with strong sunlight, like a sail receiving the breeze from the sea, and a cocoon to wrap the guests gently at night. This will become the signature of the restaurant.

This veil will rhythmically extend beyond the interior of the hotel to the landscape and hopefully to the beach in the near future to provide a strong connectivity between the exterior and interior. On the other hand, a contemporary show kitchen with an edgy feel of the current generation will be scattered under the veil. These kitchens will have feature equipment which will allow the guests to focus on the food with their five senses.

Various seating arrangements ranging from PDR, semi-PDR, chef’s table, booth, outdoor, and lounge seats will allow guests to choose their favorite seat to enjoy their time with their colleagues, friends and family. We would like to propose to the guests the realization of the greatness of the nature of Dalian, Chinese craftsmanship, and also another way to enjoy life starting from Grand Hyatt Dalian.

Designed by NAO Taniyama & Associates
Photography by Nacasa & Partners Inc

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