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“The good working space could inspire the perception in a part of your life.” Our company party/space/design, which is our second home, has moved to the fourth location since we have opened. We believe that the good quality of work starts from the good place with good design.

“We don’t need a working space as an office.” This is our equivalent point of view when we first engaged with this place. Formerly, this place was divided into three rooms with two stories like other common offices. We decided to break these three parts to one big space with the concept of “open box”.

At the beginning, the entrance door was too thick and small. We transformed the entrance area to the clearly open wall that can be seen from both the inside out and outside in. This parted was made from white metal frame referred to the main colour of our new home. From that point, we also created a hidden door which is blinded together with panel hiding a little tricky without any handle.

Café zone was occurred as a common area in the center where can obtain the direct light from the outside. We agreed to remove the upper level to form the high ceiling with 5-meter height. The ceiling was painted in white together with the existing structure and the wooden shelf that we set up along the wall to the ceiling.

Another section is the high counter and the white brick tiles wall on the wooden floor with the fishbone pattern placed with the hexagon tiles. This part, we needed to represent the warm welcome from us to the clients and others who come to our home. In addition, the ball lamps area is spotted and people are invited to involve with this area as if hypnotised by cluster of stars in the universe.

For the working station, we aimed to make a connection between the working area with café. We emphasized the open airy space with a long table and the magnificent modular shelf. The former and latter shelves were both adaptable due to user needs. Each module was designed and placed randomly by the specific ratio from the design theory.

According to this installation, the storage blocks were taken place as if the decoration of the wall. From day by day, this place means to us more than just an office but it is the place of happiness which is able to be transmitted by the creative ideas and the works of party /space/ design.

Design: party/space/design
Photography: F Sections

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