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The birth of Iever beauty House lets customers feel refreshing with its unique and distinctive design style and design concept. Different from the traditional beauty salon design, our designers combine its brand culture to integrate with stylish, dynamic, avant-garde elements to create a good customer experience for customers while designing this salon.

In Iever Beauty House, the design of “customization” can be found everywhere. The design of portal shape of entrance semicircle arch is matched with ”Iever” Logo matte white paint handle. Different tonal collocations separate the different areas inside the salon, each district has its exclusive color collocation and theme style.

Waiting area
From customized sofa to soft background wall, both red and blue accents are adopted. This coordination of the cold and warm tones creates a good psychological atmosphere for the customers in the waiting area. Of course, designers have made clear space layout, so that the waiting customers will not feel bored. And, a self timer area is set on the side of the waiting area. Here, totems made of neon lights, all kinds of soft decoration can be the best props for taking self-portraits.

Make up area
Blue and white collocation makes people feel fresh and elegant. Custom wallpaper for European architecture is adopted for the background, the scene set of arrangement of the bathtub and the transparent umbrella is made in one side of the makeup area, the design is fantastic and magnificent.

Exhibition area
The ice shop themed exhibition area is matched with customized freezer, all products in the shop can be seen at a glance. When pushing the customized shopping cart near the freezer, you will feel as if I were in the supermarket.

Shampoo zone
The ground and wall are made of retro white tiles with yellow pattern steel plates, and the shampoo seats are imported from Germany. Unique ergonomic design allows customers to get the perfect service experience.

Hairdressing area
The one-piece design is adopted here, matched with cup seats, the combination of lines and round arches broadens the space. And such design is intimate and fantastic.

Design: Adam-Design

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