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Ranch is not just about the beautiful scenery as the verse says “As wind lowers grass livestock cannot hide”, it also represents the free living of “future and sceneries”. Alienation and isolation from nature on the inhabitants of cities will disappear in WE NEW DO Beef Hot Pot Restaurant.

MID creates bushes and ground cover landscaping, where holstein dairy cows are interspersed, showing a quiet and pleasant atmosphere. The open windows display fresh beef and skilled way of cutting, so as to stimulate the appetite. Following the slight flavor of beef and stepping into the dining room, everywhere we could see is an interpretation of the design theme “urban ranch”.

With the integrated use of red brick, wood, granite and other materials, it shapes the streetscape in the heyday of British Industrial Revolution. A variety of European-style ornaments, such as gear wall hanging, log iron frame and old-fashioned phonograph, make the space retro and elegant with the spirit of cool industrial style.

The space is divided according to different functions and scenarios. The background of the reception area is inspired by the mechanical typewriter of the industrial period; the cartoon car has become the customers’ favorite photo-taking area; there are dining area with imitation of the British train carriage and round box like the British post office; VIP boxes with meeting and dining functions are set up among different areas, overlapped and scattered to create endless flavor.

Playful theme hanging paintings and metal chandeliers are matched with leather rivet furniture and simulation green plants, which show all the primitively simple elements of ranch, highlighting the natural primitive and nostalgic atmosphere. In the design point of view, MID answers the reason why people increasingly eager to be close to nature.

No matter the decoration elements in WE NEW DO Beef Hot Pot Restaurant, or the freshly sliced original quality beef, the restaurant aims to wake up city dwellers’ original memory of nature through both physical and mental feelings.

Design: Middle Interior Design / Xu Simin, Lin Jia, Liang En, Cao Yuan
Photography: Fan Wenyao

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