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“SINGULARU Trendy Jewelry” opens its second retail space, again in the city of Valencia, Spain. Regarding this project, the brand has relied with Huuun® studio one more time transferring the concept experience from the first store, and keeping the e-commerce experience in this retail space, both aesthetically and functionally looking for a flexible but 100% omnichannel store.
The look&fit selected for the interior design, white off (on walls, furniture and displays), pink (furniture, wall pipes, curtains, visual merchandising), black planes and lines, wooden oak, similar atmosphere and design that transmits its interface online.

The main flooring fixtures, where the product is showed, are inspired by the home console also with the mirrors creating a friendly corner. Within this concept of tailor made design, and adapted to the new shopping consumer habits, a very dynamic purchasing process has been achieved. All its collection of products, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings, is implemented over the furniture surface itself without any type of physical barrier. Also the architectural elements used in traditional jewelries as window display niches or lockable showcases are not contemplated for the SINGULARU shopping experience.

The Rift porcelanic flooring collection in creamy tones from VIVES Ceramica, which brings warmth and contributes to the feeling of spaciousness in its 80×80 format, combines perfectly with the white, black and pink minimal finishing. Also a direct lighting system by NEXIA has been selected and prepared for this type of store the neutral focused in neutral tones and colors with a a main objective: do not generate shadows who slow down the moment to buy.

With the idea of simplifying the shopping experience, the customer can select, touch and test (highlights the diversity and quantity of personalized mirrors) what he likes. And in case you want to buy it, you can take it directly to the collection counter as under each piece exposed on the surface by means of displays, such as totems and various supports, you will find the same product packaged in your personalized packaging.

Within the audiovisual item (screen TVs), its generates updated information of their new releases and sales promotions at the same time as your online store, a wall mirror that iterates with the clients at the time of standing in front of it by sending messages and phrases creating an experience and reminder of the most impressive brand. Due to the seasonality of its sales model for this new store, two sales counters have been designed in this way, waiting times are minimized at a time of great affluence. Also the façade design is more important for Singularu and in this case, having four windows displays, creative stickers have been placed on the large windows in a similar way a the banners on a digital screen. In this way, links have been generated with the online store.

Designed by Huuun® + Branding&Retail®
Images @ SINGULARU staff

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