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Huuun® studio, founded by the creative designer Miguel Lozano, has developed the naming, graphic and interior design for this new brand of ice cream shops. Pannelatte is born from the passion of its creators for the world of ice cream, the good Italian gelato. Its name comes from the union of the Italian words panna (cream) and latte (milk), two of the basic ingredients needed for an Italian gelato elaboration.

A very unique and welcoming spaces that offer a different and innovative experience of taking an ice cream but with an artisan nuance being the main objective to get to remember those places, those parks and terraces where we used to taste ice cream in our childhood. Within the global concept of design, and as the guiding thread of the project, the team of interior designers has given as a reference and main inspiration refrigerators that are already centenarian and so characteristic in the bars of that time or that red-and-white awning that reminds us of the old street stalls of ice cream. Regarding the branding proposal, a graphic with Italo-American inspiration has been defined, widely implemented in grocery stores and supermarkets located in Manhattan at the beginning of the 20th century.

White, brass, carmine and navy blue, used as basic corporate colors, which together with the terrazzo finish of the pavement, the ceiling adorned with almond flowers and suspended bulbs create a romantic “chic” atmosphere. Main bistro chairs in blue tones, tailored marble tables and a precise and very subtle technical lighting, according to the style proposed by the Huuun® designers, are incorporated into this ambience as main equipment.

As a corner, more intimate and special, the space is equipped with a bench in white slats and padded in red leather, as well as an upper cover made of a suspended metal structure. All the furniture that covers the bar, in addition to the modules for the service of personnel and open refrigerators, has been designed exclusively ad-hoc for Pannelatte following that retro line so marked in tones of brass and matt whites.

In the premises of the project, stands out also the implementation of brand in its façade, with large windows as transparent as possible, and in this way to visualize the experience that occurs inside, but also very striking through its awnings and corporate signs made in navy blue canvas fabric.

Within the “shopping experience” that Pannelatte offers are its gelato, refrigeration machines are equipped with 16 self-propellers that make the ice cream instantly, that is, they introduce the necessary ingredients for its preparation and through the cold and continuous rotation of their spatulas the ice cream It is produced in real time while the client keeps waiting while observing the whole process from the beginning.

At the level of communication and information for the consumer, the digital screens behind the bar allow you to update the contents of the ice cream letter and its other products or promotions, as well as being able to see the operation of the gelato maker directly from any point in the ice cream shop a digital camera that is projected on the screens themselves.
In Pannelatte, the gelato is produced daily and at the moment, achieving a creaminess, texture and unique taste like those ice creams that our grandparents, parents and we as children took.
And ice cream is not only served because customers can also have breakfast, snack, enjoy a good coffee, a soft drink or a drink.

Designed by Huuun
Photography by Miquel Torres

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