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The word “Perfume” contains “Per” and “Fumum” mean “Through” and “Smoke” in Latin.
People wear the essentials of the natural environment by passing through the smoke. These smokes not only fill the space, but also infiltrate the hair, fabric, and skin of people. Many ancient religions connected their gods with the smells of fragrant plant materials. People believe that burning these substances can keep negative powers away. At the same time, making smoke is a way to extract “soul” from different raw materials.

The item is designed due to the purpose of preventing ashes spreading over. Simultaneously to concentrate the aromas of smoke for the users. This product line offers all natural raw ingredients of fragrance and simple tools for people to customize their personalized scents. It is designed to allow the creation of personalized material fragrance fro people and their living space. Individualized results are achieved by mix & match of different ingredients and quantities. The different smells will be the unique identity of every single individual.

To allow customers having “After Use” when they finish the products inside of the boxes, and the let the boxed become “THE LANDSCAPE of TALBE.” With the essential design only, users can feel free to apply the boxes any way and any where they want, and really achieve the goal of after-use. The system works with simple rules to help users keep clean looks for table ware.

Presenting how the diffusions of smoke going out from different objects to fill the spaces, and at the same time, create the haptic touching senses. Not only communicate the subtle touches of different scents of smoky aroma but creating a set of unique patterns to build the brand identity.

As a designer, I create a system similar to library code that allow extensions for the new products in the future. The current design is a prototype to regulate and initial the concept of personalized burning/ smudged scents/ identities.

Fan + Dust Tray at the Other Side of Sleeves. Providing more functions for sleeves to serve not only packaging but a crucial part of whole user experience. Furthermore, it is a great sustainable solution to “reuse” the object and “re-assign” new mission to it.

Following the Modular System to reinforce the branding identity and image consistently. Other than just repeating the format, I applied the concept of “modular” to almost every aspects of the design to create a synergy to communicate with the target audiences. Of course, I wish the well-designed items with thoughtful considerations can be kept for longer time by users and take their time to read the content or even serve the functions to decorate their spaces.

Two sizes are available for two products lines beside the tools to help users do refilling(and keep the sample set of boxes). In order to keep the identity, the refill pouches are following the rules of the modular universe. By stacking two pouches together, the clean landscape of boxes on the table will kept as simple as usual by the users.

Testing how this set works with the “In-Store Set-Up” for the select shops that be seemed as the main sale/ marking channel of the SMULD HOUSE.

Working with different brands or shops by offering the Customized Scented Services. The SMULD HOUSE can get greater attention from general publics and the target audience based on the collaborations with famous and niche brands. At the same time, the Customized Scented Services can help collaboration partners building stronger identity of the individual stores.

Designed by Huei-Tai Chen

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