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To rewind ones memory, to stir controversy, and to attract photographers should be considered as the biggest success in the society of “eyeball economy”. Being newly opened at IF PLAZA CHONGQING, DIAMOND LI LI Disco & Noodle Bar has not only drawn great attention among the guests but also led people back to their memories of the Golden Age. Guided by its’ theme of “the 80s Retro”, DIAMOND LILI positioned itself as a “Noodle Bar” – a combination of noodle shop and pub. People who have gone through the 80’s will never forget the romantic era mixed with disco, neon lights, poetries, ideal fantasies and pursuit for freedom. Despite the inevitable evanescence of time, it is always worth mentioning and displaying.

Sharing the same obsession with the 80s, YUDesigns and the owner of DIAMOND LI LI came to an agreement to build this place with a soul, to make it full of fun, fashionable, and memorable. After seeing the venue, YUDesigns did a major reconstruction. Existed glass partition and glass door were removed so as to open up the space and link the restaurant with the public area of the shopping mall. The open space of 23.5 meter long sends out mysterious vibes and enables the guests with access to DIAMON LI LI’s dazzling lights and dance hour music.

Thanks to the owner who happens to be majored in filming and illustration, the decorating material was decided within the budget without violating the artistic conception. Bar counter and dining table in stainless steel, ground floor in terrazzo with mosaic, dining chairs in acrylic, and silver mirror in irregular shape all add to the recall of the enlightened 80s. What worth-mentioning is the area below the bar. The whole laser pearlescent surface is made from leather selected from fine clothing fabrics, which creates a comfortable touch when guests sit down.

The unique style of design also calls for smart application of colors. YUDesigns, with their superior sense of color-emotions, chose red and blue supported by metal color and fluorescence colors to create the theme of “organic nostalgia”. On the ground floor, the customized terrazzo bricks in pink and light blue were dedicatedly embedded in old-school style. Partitions in glass bricks indicated the mix of Western chic and tech. Between the bar counter and kitchen, the artistic wall in pink glass bricks functions as heat insulation and fireproof, not to mention its sexy vague transparency.

To follow the 80s style of writing, one always uses sentence like “night off, neon on” to describe the unique beauty of nighttime. That’s how important the neon lights is for the Golden Age, a symbol of freedom, passion and trend. The neon lights in red, blue, purple and green directly stands for the style of 80s.

YUDesigns always believe in the power of design in terms of attracting guests and arise one’s desire to take photos. Undoubtedly, with the typical 80s decorations being embedded in the 140㎡ space, surrounded by the dazzling disco balls, the old jukeboxes, and the giant diamonds in the backstage, one cannot help stepping into the dance floor and humming “Everything You Love” by Chip Chip.

This is definitely not a low-end pub full of alcohol and cheap sex, YUDesigns’s pursuit to design a bar, a fun place where people can shake their body while waiting for the food, an unserious noodle bar that one want to visit after the first round. By playing with different materials, colors and props at DIAMOND LI LI, YUDesigns held an interesting retro party where the 80s met today and where nostalgia echoes back to vogue.

Designed by YUDesigns
Photography by Guangbo Li

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