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Unicorn Clothing and Hejidesign have teamed up again to create a brand concept space. If we call the previous experience store a diverse artistic salon, this time we’ve reached the pinnacle of purity with a ice-inspired, cubic-shaped room. Not one to be content with mediocrity, UNICORN presented a cold yet quietly peaceful atmosphere to the display area, that perfectly complements the clothing on display—ensuring all the focus is centered on the clothes themselves.

All four walls of the rectangular space are covered in a white matte, semi-transparent finish, with lights tucked away in spaces at the top and bottom of the walls. Walking inside the space is akin to stepping into an igloo, and offers a welcome respite from the Shenzhen summer heat. A reverse image of the space is reflected in the white, glass organic sculpture that occupies the center of the room. This sculpture also serves multiple practical purposes, such as storage, office space, reception and check-out.

The display bounces off of the individual panes of the reflective material, twisting perfect cubes into all manners of cragged shapes. The stainless steel clothes hangers suspended from the ceiling move with the glass cube, but their shape transforms into a smooth roundness in the corners of the room. As per usual, UNICORN has surveyed the global art scene before landing on a unique source of inspiration. Hejidesign has again used innovative methods in design to bring the concept and fashion display to life.

Designed by Hejidesign
Photography by Sara Biancaccio

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