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A large family lives no longer in city and single or two-person families are composed the whole city in these days. In this point, it is hard that urban people cook every meal, and while living in the irrational age it is hard to invest time and many food materials for a meal.

We suggested a concept ”Urban Sharing Fridge” to approach to a fast-changing eating and drinking culture in the aspect of future. In this place, the method to how the Home Meal Replacement could be cooked healthier and more delicious is introduced and fresh vegetable and food materials coming from productive centers in every day are sold by a small size. If the large ”Urban Sharing Fridge” is in the bottom floor of a building where I live in, our fridge is no longer needed, and we will have a space with new concept which offers fresh and health food in every day. Furthermore, the future Urban Sharing Fridge would minimize thrown-away food materials by digital coding every food materials.

To make customers to see and buy products naturally in the large urban sharing fridge, the convenience moving line should be planned at first. Therefore, the main kitchen was arranged in the center of moving line and rotation line had been planned with the kitchen as the center. In addition, customers could watch the chief in action by using fresh food materials in everywhere in the store through the main moving line. There are counters to buy Home Meal Replacement and fresh food materials with the main kitchen as the center, and frozen and chilled food had been sold by purchasing large scale fridge to arrange on the wall. Dining area had been arranged in the inside of main moving line because it could prevent a collision between dining users and shoppers and offer a homely and comfortable meal time to customers.

Olive Market is a space for selling Home Meal Replacement. However, we wanted to offer a space for experience of Home Meal Replacement through counter arrangement with main kitchen as a center and composition of dining area instead of just selling products.

The concept of this project “Urban Sharing Fridge” might be our foreseeable future. We wanted to create a space as a personal fridge that is to eat healthy, simple, and delicious meal by combining fresh food materials and Home Meal Replacement for urban people. To express our concept, the features of fridge had been blended into the space. Metallic materials from specialized special fridge had been used for walls and all over the space. Grill line on the wall is a role of ventilation for Refrigeration devices as well as an interior design factor.

Designed by Design Studio U.LAB
Photography by Yongjoon Choi

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