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Located in the Sanlitun area, the Blufish Yingke is a coffee shop in the daytime and a bar in the evening. SODA Architects combines physical spatial morphologies with virtual dynamic images, allowing the atmosphere of the space to be changed over time.

During the daytime, the pure and elegant white setting provides a quiet place for the busy people to take a rest here. As the night falls, the swaying corals and the swimming fish become the protagonists.

The dynamic waves solidify into a static GRG surface. This surface, from the ceiling to the wall, all in one piece, wrapping the entire space. We invited a professional sculpture production team to complete the GRG surface in order to achieve the perfect final effect.

The image of coral and fish is attached to the surface of the white GRG by projection, as if the sea waves are moving freely.
When the dynamic image is projected onto the concave and convex surface, its visual effect reproduces the optical distortion caused by the refraction, which makes the underwater scenery vivid.

As the day and night come and go, this 30 square meter space switches itself between cafe and bar. The pure white background and the amazing images endue the space emotions, that makes the space changeable and fascinating.

Architects: SODA Architects
Lead Designer: Yuan Jiang, Chen Song
Design Team: Jiayin Tang, Fei Chen, Panpan Liu, Zhiwen Qiang, Shan Wang, Zhiyuan Hao, Yuehua Wang, Mingchunjian Shi, Xinru Chen
Photographs: Xiyu Chen


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