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Chengdu Dachuan Lane, the west bank of Jinjiang River, the intersection of Dafuhe River and Nanhe River, a historical street linking Jinjiang Qingling Wharf and Chengdu East Gate City Wall Site, with a total length of more than 140 meters. Dachuan Lane before the renovation was a noisy and busy “courier street”. Due to its special history and geographic location, in the new round of urban renewal, Dachuan Lane has been given a new positioning and function-“urban art block”, which also created the block entrance art installation.

Inheriting history, continuing memories, and reviving streets and lanes are the new meanings that the new street entrance device will carry. By constructing a new type of link relationship, a new collision between historical archetypes and contemporary culture is created, showing the intimate relationship between human history, modern business and resident life. From the deep and orderly arrangement of the component spaces, a considerable, swimable, and stopable street and lane installation space was created.

While dismantling the original street archway, the project reconstructed the historical Dachuan Lane archway in the same way as the old one, and then used stainless steel devices as the space structure and street-lane interactive devices to tell what happened in this street. s story. The interactivity of the space makes it possible for pedestrians to come and go to stop here to feel the people who have lived here and the stories that have happened, so as to enhance the memory points of the streets.

The installation space itself is the image sign of the street entrance, while ensuring the basic traffic function, it is also the carrier to communicate the street memory and street life. How to let citizens experience a fun and dramatic space that interweaves memory, life and culture is the challenge and goal of this design. 8, 250, 4000 (unit: mm). This group of figures reproduces an old street-like structural space. In the tangible and intangible spaces, a space that is separated from sight and blurred boundaries is constructed. The overall device is a 8mm diameter stainless steel copper-plated solid pipe with a modular displacement welding at the factory, and then assembled and processed on site. The ground is paved with blue bricks and slate from local traditional streets.

The intervention of artistic installations is a medium for the continuation and transmission of stories. This is an installation building that inherits tradition and creates traditions without relying on visual fusion with the surrounding environment. While recreating the traces of historical streets that have been demolished, it also Provides a temperature of urban memory for new street spaces.

Architects: VCD Lab
Photographs: Jieqi Lin
Architect In Charge: Yuanyuan Zhang, Yingjie Lin
Design Team: Ningyu Yang, Yankang Zhu, Jingyang Cai, Shanshan Li, Haofeng Wang, Miansheng Kong (intern)


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