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Benjy’s is Georgian based brand, producing brandy, liquor and chocolate. BRID was entrusted with a task of creating a modern image of brand, including: brand strategy, name, logotype, packaging design for brandy, liquor and chocolate, web design.

Can you imagine the mix of magical alcoholic recipe , mysterious crafting laboratory and mind-blowing journey of ingenious Gentleman through time and space ? Well, Benjy’s _ Georgia’s brand new alcoholic company has it all.

The all Five unique illustrations created for Benjy’s are based on fruit related associations and linked to its flavor, taste or characteristics.

APPLE as a forbidden fruit symbolizes constant strive for greatness, importance of curiosity. Benjy’s head is the place where the magic happens and new ideas, smells are born like the careless chicken wondering about the sky, following only inner voices and dreams.

PEACH is the most attracting and tempting shaped fruit, sign of tenderness, desire and love. and what can highlight this feelings better then love letters and pigeons ?

FEIJOA as an evergreen fruit is the metaphor of eternal youth, paused time and the explosion of heart, trying to catch the perfect moment, trying to say : “beautiful moment, do not pass away”!

PLUM is very useful and beneficial fruit for our health. As it helps our organism and is the allegory of wellbeing and Harmony. Imagine gentle tunes of music, serene feeling of balance and wisdom, like an owl, calmly sitting in its nest.

CHACHA is the most alcoholic and controversial liquid. Drinking chacha is like taming a dragon. So to outshine it you have to control yourself, deal with your inner dragon and who can manage it, is the chosen one. That’s a real reward, cause we believe sweetness melts all bitterness.

Designed by BRID


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