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Dosnetsk is a newly established brand in the field of energy drinks. It is also the name of one of the cities of Ukraine. Donetsk, along with Makioka and other surrounding satellite cities, form a metropolis.

It was important for us to see the brand name well and realize at first glance that we are dealing with a product that is from Ukraine. (This was just important to us in branding). This was the reason why the flag of Ukraine was used and the writing of the logo was completely local. The creators of Metis Studio tested more than 5 prototypes to believe that the design is completely free of color and additional design elements. The goal was to catch the eye of the audience.

The first goal of Donestek designers and executives was to enter the sales competition. It was important for us to have a different program in the first experience of entering a competitive market. Our second goal was to attract an audience. In any attractive way, we wanted the bottle design to be memorable in the minds of the audience. (Even if he did not put this product in his shopping cart, but he remembers the design in his mind).

More than 15 characters were identified by the idea generation team. From each class and style, we selected the most important characters that energized a person. It was important for us that the designed character could create a gap in the mind of the audience. (Music, painting, theater, cinema) This was our challenge. The challenge was fascinating. We knew that everyone has a favorite and a hero in this field. In the design process, we encountered obstacles that were of particular interest to us.

In the early stages, there was no such thing as a glitch design. But in the future there was a problem with the project. The size of the bottle changed dramatically. This forced the studio designers to use more and different glitch techniques, both to solve the problem of size in the illustration and to give the design a better appeal.

We hope that in a competitive market we have been able to make changes in product packaging design.

Designed by Studio Metis


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