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TZUCO® is a memoir of struggle, devotion, resilience, passion, talent and imagination. Chef Carlos Gaytán’s new restaurant in Chicago, is an homage to his Mexican Culinary customs and his love for French Cuisine. Tzuco’s culinary experience is all about coming together. Chef Carlos Gaytán’s main expectation is to evoke the cozy and endearing sensation of being home, surrounded by family.

Gaytán creates every dish with eager creativity. Inspired in his mother’s ways, he does not follow a recipe book as much as his heart. His Mexican heritage is complemented by the French techniques he learned in his thorough training. All of which bring to the table the most authentic flavors, textures and aromas.

TZUCO® is Carlos’ best expression of himself. Food that excites the spirit and warms up the heart. The naming comes from Carlos Gaytán’s hometown in Guerrero, Mexico. Huitzuco (derived from the Nahuatl -Huixochin- meaning abundant thorns) becomes the perfect metaphor to talk about Gaytan’s arduous and unbelievable journey of success. It is no coincidence that Chef Carlos Gaytán was born in a land that symbolises resilience, as his own personal story, to be told in his new restaurant, is one of sheer dedication and perseverance.

Cadena Concept Design’s unique approach towards the project becomes a three dimensional and immersive journey through a space of strange beauty where design evokes the idea of life arising from absolute nothingness. The Mexico chronicled in this concept is an bare-bones experience, where richness is lived through the purity of materials and their cultural context.

A place where time and memory are encapsulated was imagined, a space where Gaytan’s Huitzuco could be expressed through man-created fossils and handmade artisan objects, a unique imaginarium of rustic beauty contained in poetic receptacles. Honest and coarse materials are displayed surrounded with Huitzuco’s endemic thorns; these objects are contained in boxes placed among the complex wooden structure in the space, making the restaurant interiors the perfect frame to display the fresh, beautiful and colorful culinary creations of Carlos Gaytán.

The design will unfold inspired in -Ramales- natural formations that make the thorns of the Huizache Tree, the restaurant’s wooden framework calls back to a vernacular Mexican Architecture creating a system that will endow the space with character and warmth. TZUCO® will project a Mexico that treasures cultural heritage through creative hands that express wisdom; a wisdom that nurtures imagination that births a new contemporary expression of Mexican creativity. A journey of sensory and evocative ancestry, hidden in the purity of its forms and textures, defined by nature and sometimes, by the imaginative hands that shape them…

Designed by Cadena Concept Design & Código Arquitectura
Photography by The Raws & Diego Padilla


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