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Humans have settled near historic waterways since the earliest days of our existence. The Sumerians exploited the natural forces and sedimentary lands of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, creating an irrigation system that gave rise to an advanced, well-populated civilization that became the first literate society in history. Six millennia later, human civilization has moved into the virtual world, enabled by science and technology. In their latest project “rīpāria-Golong Offices”, PINES ARCH draws inspiration from one of the most emblematic origins of human society–the river valley civilizations; creating a new office environment for the quality-oriented International Beauty Group “Golong Holdings”.

Project Name: rīpāria-Golong Offices
Project Location: Hangzhou
Client: Golong Holdings
Type: Office Space
Director: Evelyn Jingjie Wong,Shuni Wu
Design Team: Evelyn Jingjie Wong,Shuni Wu,Jiawen Song,Yunji Chung
Building Area: 1600m²
Design Period: 2020.05-2020.08
Construction Period: 2020.09-2021.05
Photo Credits: Breeze Image-Guozhe
Main Materials: Acoustic Wall Panels / Jiangsu Burgeree New Technology Materials Co. LTD
Corrugated Glass / Hangzhou Jingdong Glass Co. LTD
Cast-in-Place Terrazzo / Zhejiang Gaoliang Co. LTD

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