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Do we always have the necessary energy for all our daily activities? The answer to this question may seem a bit difficult at first glance, but in fact, we do not have the necessary energy to do all our daily activities. Or if we have enough vitality and energy on a day, it is difficult to divide it between tasks. But how should we make the best use of our energy? In today’s lives, where everyone is working hard and their minds are occupied with various concerns, there is a need for an intelligent energy generator that can support us in various activities such as sports, work, communication with others, sightseeing and It is necessary to help us and give us the pleasure of doing it.

Most of us lose our energy from the sunset until we rest and recover and re-supply the energy that is the next morning, we are impatient and eager to do things. in the design of different times when most people are without energy; We used, that is sunset, midnight, and sunrise. In the first design that shows the night with the slogan “Don’t stop, keep going”, I considered this work. In this package, we used a car that continues its journey at night to reach its destination. This is just like the slogan that we will not stop until we reach our goal.

In the sunset design, I considered the slogan “You deserve endless ways ” and by using the symbol of rebellious cows that have become tame, I considered it possible to reach unknown paths. In the design of the sunrise, I also considered the slogan “Find the world with more energy and vitality” and used a place and peace that most of us imagine this scene in our dreams, to reach the conclusion that the morning when one of the important times to do things should not be missed.

Designed by Mohsenzeinali


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