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Echoing – “Set your body to be free.” Sò Studio aspires to create a simple and cozy interior that visitors would feel enshrouded by Ubras Concept Store Shanghai, responding to the brand value of “loyal to self, free at heart” through the celebration of girl power.

“Enshrouded and supported” – The bustling and vibrant Huaihai Middle Road is composed of high commercial concentration with the facades of each store expanded to the road. The exterior of Ubras Concept Store has been meticulously receded to give back the street to the city, as well as to generate a welcoming space for people. The designer placed a simple, curved, luminous wall to weaken the business atmosphere, introducing a comfortable, caring preluded space for the visitors. Brand symbols are also gradually revealed in the entrance, with a u-shaped light film on the top and the u-shaped handle on the sliding door, evoking the start of an immersive store experience.

Upon entering, structural props are distributed in every sectional area, which forms a contrastive visual effect with the unity of soft beige tones. By virtue of different areas generated by props, a concise, streamlining circulation is formed; In terms of the prop shape, whether it is a “u-shaped stone prop” or an irregular “pillow prop”, we attempted to soften the protruding part of the surface as much as possible, corresponding to the whole space in a curved shape. Moreover, the existing columns were treated with soft finishes, which fit into the serene and tranquil store atmosphere. As for curating a complete store experience, micro-cement materials and rubber-textured elastic paint were applied throughout the store, punctuating the brand concept of “like your skin, comfortable, caring with protection”.

Likeuu area is dedicated teenagers to purchasing close-fitting clothes. Following the overall palette and simplicity as core, the form of laminate and ring display has been installed, balancing a certain sense of privacy and lively atmosphere, so that visitors of different ages can feel loved and cared for while meandering around the store. The cash register, designed in an L-shaped prop, is located in the center of the store, which makes an invasion of the surrounding space and incorporates the structure of the sunken lighting film above, forming the focal point of the destination and completing the retail space. While we also hope that the conceptually driven interior will bring people an intimate experience of being cared for sensually.

“Feeling the subtlety” – All the display walls are made of soft materials, combined with the arc-shaped light band around, which lifts up the soft and delicate feeling towards one’s journey in the store. The lighting system adopts several modes during the day and night with the principal of simulating the brightness from the source of the surrounding environment, while also improving the visual comfort of the whole space. Aligned with the brand identities, the “u” shape has been emphasized through the door, door handle, mirror, display props, and shelves, as well as the soft details of edges and corners, to create a cozy environment for patrons, like one’s close-fitting clothes to his body. At the same time, we would like to deliver a sense that every space user can experience delicate beauty in our daily life or through tiny details.

Architects: So Studio
Lead Architects: Yifan Wu, Mengjie Liu
Design Team: Louis Liu, Poo Pan
Photographs: Wen Studio


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