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There’s no denying, shopping absolutely is the favourite pastime across the Far East, but you happen to have small kids, a visit to the mall should be beneficial to them too. Enter The Hyundai Daegu, the recently revamped, leading upscale shopping centre in Daegu and sister establishment of the much-publicised sister establishment The Hyundai Seoul. Perched on the sixth floor, which has been entirely designed by acclaimed designer Jaime Hayón, sits MOKA+, an innovative cultural space for kids which also forms part of the renewal and which is affiliated to the MOKA Hyundai Museum of Kid’s Books & Art, This venue, which measures 145 sqm. (1,561 sq.ft.), has been created by Seoul-based Design Studio Minwoo* in collaboration with the Spanish designer, and features three distinctive sections: a Creative Lab which allows kids to engage in online art creation, making digital recordings in a booth, and there’s MOKA Library where they can indulge in picture books.

Last but not least, the experiential Art Lounge presents a rotation of tantalising exhibitions. Needless to say, the design-led premises aim to resonate with children’s sensibilities, and as such, playfulness is a key factor. The striking gate design, adorned by Hayón’s Thinking Monkey character, boldly marks MOKA+‘s presence on the sixth floor, beckoning little ones from afar. Another signature element is the futuristic ceiling design which perhaps demarcates the venue even better. At the centre of the Creative Lab reflective materials were used to optically expand the space and add a fun element, and an audio booth was built with the motif of a space probe. The Art Lounge boasts an experiential and interactive exhibition featuring a series of works which can be examined through touching and feeling. The MOKA Library sees a study setting filled with a circular bench and shelving laden with books. Additionally, there’s a gallery space where a rotation of exhibitions are held and a so-called art material space where children can explore various materials.

Designed by Design Studio Minwoo*
Images © Design Studio Minwoo*
Photography: Yong-joon Choi


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