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Gallus shakes up the world of whisky with bold design from Denomination
Barossa Distilling is poised to redefine the whisky experience with the launch of Gallus, designed by drinks specialists Denomination.

With an inaugural release of just 1,000 bottles, Gallus whisky, with its contemporary and distinctive packaging, is offering an exciting new whisky experience for aficionados who value whisky as a true art form.

Born in Barossa, inspired by Glasgow
Barossa Distilling, led by Neil Bullock, has been synonymous with crafting exceptional gin since 2016. Inspired by the captivating flavors of Speyside whisky, a passion ignited during his university days in Glasgow, Neil embarked on a journey to create a whisky that would encapsulate the very essence of the Barossa Valley while paying homage to the indomitable spirit of Glasgow. The goal was to enthrall a discerning audience of whisky enthusiasts who are deeply engaged with whisky and who prioritise authenticity and craftsmanship above all else.

Denomination’s design conveys Neil Bullock’s deep connection to Glasgow and seamlessly blends the city’s influence with Barossa’s ingenuity. Naming the whisky “Gallus” – a colloquial term signifying boldness, daring, and cheekiness – truly captured the brand’s spirit, while the bottle showcases the beauty of the product in a unique way: beautiful and yet with an industrial sleekness.

Innovation and ingenuity
To encapsulate Barossa Distillery’s distinctive vision, Denomination has created a brand that has a premium, confident, and visually compelling design. It is carefully crafted to strike a balance between contemporary minimalism and innovation, commanding attention in a sector steeped in tradition.

The bottle features a continuous silicone band to display the branding, an unconventional choice in the category. The bottle’s crown features a dual identity, with one half adorned with a Scottish thistle and the other with an Australian gum blossom, accompanied by the phrase “Glasgow Inspired: Barossa Realised”, encapsulating the brand’s essence.

The wooden stopper, meticulously hand-carved, ensures a snug fit for the band, while minimalist labeling on the bottle’s base allows the liquid inside to take center stage. The whisky is presented in a premium hard case gift box with black gloss foiled and embossed branding, exuding contemporary sophistication.

The design challenges defy industry norms by embracing unconventional materials, branding mechanisms, and labeling applications. This disruptive design showcases the product’s beauty while paying homage to Glasgow’s industrial heritage.

Gallus is sold through the cellar door, with only 1,000 bottles produced in the initial release, each of which will be hand-sold directly to consumers.

Curator’s Insight
A departure from the norm in the whisky category, Denomination used a continuous silicone band to display the branding. The band’s smooth and modern texture offers a contrast to the bottle’s glass surface, creating a visually compelling effect.

Designed by cladoniadenomination


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