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The NARO boutique, conceived by the emerging studio Boo, is the result of transforming a tight space of 58m2 in the city of Medellin. This project not only fulfills the client’s desire to establish a distinctive identity but also symbolizes the artistic and exclusive essence of luxury products. Additionally, it presents an innovative and futuristic vision for the retail environment.

The main challenge arose from the trapezoidal layout of the floor plan, especially in the narrow back section intended for dressing rooms. The presence of a column in the center of this space further complicated the situation. A solution was needed to integrate the reception, product display, and dressing area without resorting to typical divisions, maintaining a consistent visual flow. To achieve this sense of visual continuity, a flexible steel structure was incorporated that embraces the perimeter of the trapezoid, enveloping the rear column and housing the dressing area. This cladding not only defines the architectural identity of the store but also serves as an exhibition space to enhance the products.

The entrance was also specially designed, functioning as a kind of airlock that serves as a prelude to the store experience. Here, the interplay of shadows, steel reflections, and mirrors creates a dynamic atmosphere that acts as a prelude to the rest of the space. In addition to serving as a filter, this entrance was conceived as an ideal cubicle for taking photos of both the products and the models.

In addition to steel, materials such as concrete flooring, paint, and glass elements with imperceptible joints in the furniture were used, contributing to creating a futuristic and impeccable atmosphere. Every detail, from custom-made furniture to accessories, anchors, and benches, was meticulously and exclusively designed for the store, highlighting the carefully crafted scenery.

Architects: Boo studio
Lead Architects: Carlos Restrepo Arroyave, Juan Pablo Rios Moncada
Collaborators: Catherine Vélez Arias, Ana Suescún Quiroz
Photographs: Mateo Soto


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