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VAVA Mineral Water’s packaging represents a distinct part of the resource of the beverage. Each bottle showcases the “four elements of nature” through a beautifully etched pattern on the glass bottle. The water’s packaging is sleek and refined, adding an element of surprise to a drink we know is vital to our lives.

It is undeniable that the mineral water market is highly competitive. Making the packaging distinctive is not an easy task.

VAVA the mineral water manufacturer whose spring water resource originates from the Khao Yai mountain range in Prachinburi, Thailand. Nature took millions of years to create Khao Yai through geological process cycles. This is where the “four elements of nature” are naturally combined to enhance the water quality. The “four elements of nature” are related to the following.

The earth elements found in the area are full of bedrocks of limestone and underground layers of material like sand, clay, and gravel.
The water element is from about 105 meters underground with rich mineral content. It is also the source of the rivers of the nation.
The air element in this area is rich in oxygen and claims to be one of the best fresh air in the country.
The fire element comes from the fact that many millions of years ago the Khao Yai National Park was formed through volcanic eruptions and sedimentation, etc.
UNESCO designated the Khao Yai National Park as a National World Heritage Site in 1984 due to its abundant natural resources.

Our design intention is to present the distinctiveness of mineral water resources through the “four elements of nature” concept by depicting the symbolic expression of the “four elements of nature” as different patterns on the bottle surface. The embossing helps enhance the attractiveness and water purity reflection of the bottle as well as its luxury, high class, and uniqueness in design.

Designed by Prompt Design


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