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The project space, located in Yongsan-gu, Seoul, is a common detached house in Korea in the 1980s and has a brick skin that is used less today. Everywhere, you can see traces of expanding the space or supplementing the damaged area, suggesting that the time has been spent according to the purpose and user. Sukchulmok preserves the previous traces of old buildings that have been added as needed and induce projects to have aesthetic harmony.

The two-story building, which is 8m high, was uniquely divided into one floor: a concrete structure and two floors, a brick structure. It is not known whether the first impression of the building was due to aging or technical problems, but the concrete railings were tilted slightly, some walls were damaged, and the rainwater pipes could not function properly. In order to complement old and unstable functions and express them in one distinct concept, a gesture was given to connect a jagged building vertically using stainless steel.

A 500mm diameter cylinder connected vertically was applied as if organizing a building to form a lump. In addition, gestures simultaneously resolve the functional role of structural reinforcement or covering the rainwater pipes while harmonizing with the previous texture.

Stainless steel, discolored bricks, and redwood are used as finishing materials to blend properly with previous traces. Bricks filled at different times on the second floor are exposed to slightly different brick patterns for each production period, giving the impression of feeling the passage of time.

The interior space of the first and second floors was finished using red cedar louvers, which were commonly seen in living rooms in the 80s, and the existing concrete structure was exposed. A rough texture was used, creating as sophisticated a feeling as possible. This is to induce appropriate harmony and avoid a chaotic atmosphere.

The space, which was continuously added from its original appearance by the turn of time, was added once more to take on the current appearance in 2023. The client who will use this place welcomes visitors with professional baking and direct roasted coffee. I hope you will have a unique experience here where you can enjoy delicious pies and drinks.

Architects: sukchulmok
Lead Architect: Park Hyunhee
Photographs: Hong Seokgyu


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