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Ye Xiao Xiao Tea Space – Emotional Perception

The Baipu, an ancient extinct people from Yunnan province of Southwestern China, were the earliest group to start tea-drinking and engage in tea trade. Tea farming and culture thrived in Yunnan Province thousands year ago, therefore, Yunnan Province was considered as the birthplace of tea culture. The stories of Tea Horse Road and Waste Water Bowl(Jian Shui) have been passed down through the years amist the hawking and the sounds of rolling wheels, which have been instilled new vigor and vitality to the spirit of Tea Culture.

As one of the representatives of the “new tea brands” , AURORA DESIGN chooses the “emotional design” as the main approach to depict the space by projecting different types of “emotions” in a tangible way. These emotions converge into the taste of tea, emerging customers into fragrant experiences.

By capturing the emotions from tea horse road in the culture of South Yunnan, the designer has created a tranquil space which enable customers to immerse themselves in a sense of peace by sitting beside the floor-to-ceiling windows and leisurely strolling along the winding paths within the space. Like a traveler through time, they can glimpse fragments of history. The space is divided by circles of varying sizes, creating a fluid and interwoven path that guides people through different emotional experiences.

Design Firm: Aurora Design

Chief Designer: Yang Xuewan

Lighting design: Uniimport

Cloth Vine Device: Knight art lab

Photography: Na Xin from INSPACE


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