Mitzu restaurant by StudioMKZ, Sydney – Australia

November 18th, 2014 by retail design blog

Re-defining the Japanese restaurant aesthetic, Mitzu focuses capturing a social experience. Drawn in by raw vertical timber panels, Mitzu’s exterior dominates passers eyesight. Enticing people to come closer and gaze through the open timber slits, people are encouraged to feel enveloped within the space. With a strong raw material palette, Mitzu reinterprets the use of timber. Stacked timber panels clad the island sushi train, creating strong plays of light around on the main space feature. This is further captured in the angled dining tables that jut out from the main island.

The use of raw timbers finishes, is exaggerated by the concrete like bulk head that frames the sushi train. Emphasised by down lights, the metallic sushi train throws light to the outskirts of the dining tables. The contrast of marble and metal to the precious raw finishes suggests a space of elegance and indulgence. This is further enhanced by the hand painted graphics that surround the space. The text tells the story of sushi’s evolution and not only adds intrigue but authenticity to the Japanese restaurant.

Design by StudioMKZ

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