ONE PLATE Café & Dining Pub by Betwin Space Design, Ulsan – South Korea

February 18th, 2015 by retail design blog

ONE PLATE is located at crowded district of Ulsan with an ocean view. As its program is Café & Dining Pub, we need something fancy yet comfortable. The two-toned scheme of program expands the experience of space despite the limitations. The space concept is ‘Double Sidedness’. We focused on creating experiences of discovering customer’s own attractions rather than fabricating a space. The charming act of consuming is achieved by reversing opposed materials. We used finished and unfinished surface of material to divide areas and atmospheres.

High ceiling with a massive object fascinates customers at once. This Object is made with mirror to create seamless reflections of the lightings within. It extends the visual effectiveness and imaginations. The back side of mirror is naturally exposed. To reverse the practical use of material, we also used concrete form to divide the kitchen area. By revealing the use of materials, we could reveal the hidden interest.

Design : Betwin Space Design Hwanwoo Oh / Junggon Kim
Photography: Pyojoon Lee

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