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In the premises of a historical tailor’s shop in the heart of London, where the ment operation was conditioned by the tight building regulations, the new sales this leading Italian clothiers adopts a set of carefully gauged criteria that respecting features while also addressing the various functional requirements andcommunication needs.

The project has generated an atmosphere of domestic luxne with the Corneliani brand values, endorsing them through unobtrusive feat renovate the structure while maintaining the trademark allure. At the entrance iere the original historic storefront has been conserved, the new scene that le customer is a living-room with leather upholstered seating accoutered with and glass vitrines and modulated by a custom-designed storage system for the embling a picture-gallery set within an elegant full-height wainscot.

Here, illuniches of varyingclimensions articulate the different viewlines, highlighting individual items of clothing, whose variants are concealed within easy reach behind the wooden paneling. The varied rhythm of the backdrops of classical taste unfolds within a sort of macroscopic frame asserted by the design of the ceiling and floor. The precious macassar ebony underfoot has been laid to match the series of original stucco decorations overhead, as indicated by the delicate strips of steel set into the floor-pattern. These ornamental ceilings are in turn enhanced by yet another geometrical device consisting of the suspended lighting trellises fitted with pleated fabric that conceals the cabling while allowing a view of the ceiling decoration.

The only expression of the brand identity is reserved to a series of partitions in polished carbon inscribed with thin steel strips and bearing the Corneliani logo, confirming the overall decision to endow the composition of these interiors with a mood of classical sobriety, while expressing an entirely contemporary approach in the functional arrangement and the choice of material.

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