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The Marie France brand advocates the importance of both inner and external beauty, to empower women in discovering their authentic selves. An unconventional design and tactful materials selection play a pivotal role to bring out the creative concept– “Creating Sophisticated Beauty from the Inside Out “

Riding on the brand essence, copper orange is selected to set a vibrant mood for the new MF shop design. It symbolizes the glowing face of a woman which exudes confidence and a touch of natural beauty. The right touch of orange in translucent glass and mirror finishes, accentuated by subtle lighting design, spices up the interior with a dazzling radiance. The one-of-a-kind dome-shape entrance makes a remarkable first impression. The perfect circle created by the reflection of the arch sparks off a rejuvenating MF journey.

Reception ( Breaking the Norm to Stand Out )
The brand takes a bold step to apply orange as the accent color of the interior design, given its blue corporate logo color.It creates high visibility and brings vibrant energy into the space. The blue logo and the orange-lit reception counter create a visually astounding contrast against the minimalistic backdrop. The one-of-a-kind “chandelier” ceiling design adds to the aesthetic look. It creates an interesting perspective of reflections from different angles. Adorned by soothing mood light, it sets a relaxing ambience for interaction between beauty consultants and guests.

Entrance Hallway – Curved Image Wall highlighted with visually appealing orange display cubes create a welcoming path leading guests into the beauty center. Open Consultation Area – Adorned with comfortable leather seating and stylish furniture design, the area offers a relaxing and chic ambience for a relaxing session of consultation between beauty advisors and customers.

VIP Rooms ( Discover the Beauty of Precious Gems )
VIP rooms are named after precious gems including Ruby, Diamond and Crystal. Lit-up names against the glowing copper orange mirror door, elegant marble flooring and lighting along the sides create a relaxing path to rejuvenation prior to the treatment.

Capitalizing on the brand’s mission to bring both inner and outer beauty to life, inspiring quotes from famous women in history become a major feature along the corridor. Application of back-lit projection of the quotes exudes a transcendental and floating experience. Adorned with an aesthetically appealing ceiling and lighting design, the wrapping treatment zone evokes a sense of serenity. Custom-made leather chairs are well-equipped with entertainment TV, iPad dock and battery rechargeservices. It represents the pinnacle of first-rate bespoke services.

Treatment Room (A Beautiful Sanctuary to Revitalize and Rejuvenate )
With meticulous attention to detail, the treatment room interior has been designed to meet the highest standards of service excellence, featuring luxurious silver leafing and patterned glass feature wall, stylish yet functional dresser and wardrobe; ipod docking and battery charging facilities, where every meticulous detail is being taken care of. Characterized by originality, elegance and function, the bathtub in the VIP Crystal room offers an oasis of relaxation that exceeds expectations.

Bathroom ( A Sublimely Relaxing Experience )
Featuring mosaic tiles with naturally muted tones throughout, the bathroom design blends modern bathroom fitting and mellow lighting to offer a calming and enjoyable experience.

Designed by Clifton Leung Design Workshop

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