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10th International Jewelry Exhibition “Junwex” was held in October 2014: this event is considered to be one of the most remarkable events in Moscow. Offering a creative and artistic atmosphere, this exhibition attracts the city residents and visitors willing to acquire jewelry with guaranteed quality and prices from manufacturers. Participating companies present their products at window dressings, any many companies choose to entrust the preparation of window dressings to professional designers. Jewelry presentation design in Russia is gaining momentum, therefore the companies seeking designers’ services win brand memorability by interesting moves in the window dressings.

Our international design company “Goldinni” has developed the design concept for “Sokolov Jewelry”, jewelry designer combining the Swiss advanced technology and precision with the Russian creativity and virtuosity of execution. All the work is done in cooperation between Russian and Swiss experts in order to create jewelry of exceptional quality.

Our task was to arrange presentation windows and elaborate decorative elements for the stand. We needed the design to reflect the slogan of “Sokolov Jewelry” – “Open hunting season”, to link the design with the company’s symbol – a falcon (“sokol” means falcon), and to reflect the autumn theme of the exhibition as well. As window dressing, we proposed a light box with a picture of feathers that are floating in the presentation window.

In some windows feathers swirled like autumn leaves, in others – they gently fell down at the ground. Window dressings were coupled with the images on the demonstration monitors. Jewelry in the presentation windows looked in their “best light”. Regarding the autumn theme, we proposed decorative panels made of acrylic with internal illumination. Shape acrylic cutting in the form of autumn leaves revived the presentation window much.

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