RPH Pharma Packaging by SPR Design

April 6th, 2015 by retail design blog

Radiopharmaceuticals, if handled incorrectly, can compromise exams and consequently the health of many people. With the intention of renewing RPH Pharma packaging – a manufacturer brand of radiopharmaceuticals – and aligning them to RPH Group’s new positioning, SPR Design – business unit of SPR Group – sought to create vials and boxes that would provide greater safety and traceability, uniting simplicity and objectivity in its design. Following a branding study developed by SPR Brand, the team had the challenge of bringing graphic elements while respecting the national regulations of the segment, in addition to studying the security seals and talking to doctors and other professionals who handle these products daily, in order to make the new packaging more practical and safe.

To reach a design that is clean and easy to identify, unnecessary information was removed from the front and side faces of the boxes, leaving only required and regulated elements. On the back, only technical data and information regarding the company were kept. To facilitate the identification of each product and its location within each step of the diagnostic imaging process, different colors were defined for packagings and their respective stickers, leads and storage flags. In support of that, a set of iconography was also created, where each element represents the main function of the product. The result is the ease of day-to-day handling of the product by the professionals and the patient safety.

Design: SPR Design / Gilnei Silva / Henrique Bittencourt / Rafael Ternes / Rafael Ternes
Client: RPH Group
Pieces: boxes, labels, stickers, leads and storage flags

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