Levis Let’s Colour Exhibition Stand by A&B Project at Batibouw 2016, Brussels – Belgium

April 25th, 2016 by retail design blog

Let’s Colour is a global movement from Akzo Nobel and the Levis brand, to transform grey spaces with colourful paint. A&B Project translated this into an exhibition stand at Batibouw 2016, the International Building, Renovation and Interior Design Fair. Inspired by the green environments in the city, the concept uses 5 shipping containers to create separate spaces and atmospheres for the various paint collections, combined with several green elements: a large tree, grass flooring and kitchen-garden crates.

Around the central counter visitors are welcomed by the Levis expert team. In addition, a team of experienced color consultants were available at the fair every day. They were happy to help visitors with a personal color advice tailored to their home, at one of the desks on the first floor of the stand.

The two containers on the right side of the stand show the Ambiance Collection. The off-white colours provide a relaxing and balanced atmosphere. In the second container the the colour of the year, Ochre Gold, is highlighted. Additional warm colours are combined with bright shades for a more surprising whole. The Expert Collection provides paints that offer long-term protection of walls that have a lot to endure. The container that houses the Expert Collection is designed as a laboratory to emphasize this feature of durability.

The Xyladecor products offer long-term protection for wood and are applied on wooden slats on the wall and floor of the fourth container. Three new trend colours for wood stains are presented in a warm and inviting environment that refers to a garden party. The fifth container is placed on top of one of the other containers and houses the Artitude Collection with colors that radiate a refined atmosphere and add immediately a warm glow to your interior.

A large visual of a cityscape on the back wall completes the concept of the exhibition stand. The container incorporated in the back wall is dedicated to the Levis Visualizer App. By using augmented reality technology, you can see the Levis colours simulated on your own wall, on a tablet or smartphone. The app can be downloaded on the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Photography by Studio Van Gelder

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