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This project is a composite and innovative commercial space, because life are occupied by the Internet economy and virtual social gradually, so C&C DESIGN CO., LTD. use a real experience of space to explore more possibilities, it is living, artistic and commercial. —Peng Zheng

Timing Home — a life and sales experience center, is strives to build by Times Property and design by famous designer Peng Zheng, it is located in sixth floor of Grandview Mall , Tianhe district of Guangzhou City. Now it is the first real estate experience center entering the large shopping center. The project is try to explore a new one-stop business model that buy a house by innovative ways.

The experience center is consist of five areas ,art gallery, drinking area, reading area, life experience area and business negotiation area. In addition to information about real estate and show flat, a variety of art creation about “home” are interspersed in the center, which is achieve the fusion of experience and functionality of each area. At the same time, the open space design gives the space organization flexibility and diversity. Timing Home will create a variety of experience, including cultural salon, art exhibitions and academic forum, business meetings, small conference, fashion shows, etc..

Here will be a new forward position of fashion culture and aesthetics of life in Guangzhou. The Design hopes to encourage people to get out of the virtual social, achieve face-to-face communication and experience the real life. Customers at Timing Home not only can experience life but also can share others’s experience of life style and life art, and make it became a aesthetic space that full of vitality and stories.

As a commercial space, need to create conditions to make the experiencer to stay and realize the real in-depth experience. Timing Home make everyone belonging to the space, the design make the customer abandon strangeness of exhibition space, really to use, to experience and to agree. To fill such a space, not only need the coffee and books, but also need more about the “Timing” , the collective memory, the feelings and imagination of “Home”.

Three import artistic installations:
(1). Art wall
The art wall—- created by local artists Fengfeng and local designers Peng Zheng , the theme of the “Timing Home “. They put everyday life objects and household items neatly and stacked together, stacked like the furniture, columns, plates, old black and white television, and so on, these items create unexpected and unique visual effects, they presented artistically
with our way of life and living memory of juxtaposed plane together, it is our four-dimensional became two-dimensional projection of life. Works of art by living in the most unusual move, against the fast-paced city life, awakening to life the most authentic thinking.

(2). Mr.P
A home without a baby is integrally, from Thailand Mr. P, height of 4 meters, weight 350 kg, a pet full of mischievous and curious about the world, it traveled long distances to come here and became Timing Home’s baby.
(3). Gyro chair
Do you remember the rotating gyro in the movie Inception? Gyro has been turned down, the dream will not stop. And when Cobb summon up courage, picked up his child of that a moment, the film seems to tell us whether the dream and reality is not important, the important thing is that you how to face the life actively.

PARTICIPATORY DESIGN: Peng Zheng, Xie Zekun, Chen Yongxia, Xu Shuxin, Ma Yingkang, Li Canming, Zhu Yunfeng, Li Yonghua
DESIGN TEAM: Peng Zheng Design

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