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In year 2015, the top executives of Atour Hotel expressed a clear message to TBDC: “Since more and more people regard the success of Atour Hotel as the upgrade of the consume ability of the middle class, we start to do a lot of things that beyond what a hotel should do and try to collaborate with other field, create a new path.” In year 2016, the third year of “Life in Atour”, TBDC let Atour combine with “Drama” in Shanghai and makes it big.

Here is “The Drama”, it’s a hotel, but also the best theater. Not long time ago, one of the masterpieces of Immersive Theatre “Sleep No More” was finally confirmed to be played in Shanghai in December, 2016. By the coming of this drama, “Life in Atour” starts to run “The Drama” officially. There’s only one request of “The Drama”, those who would like to stay overnight have to wear masks. In “The Drama”, no matter it’s a waiter or a guard, all staffs have another status – actors.

If you’re interested in it, it’s also welcome for you to break into the scene or encounter actors in the hotel. “The Drama” also prepares function rooms which make the drama fans feel like in the drama. The 26 guest rooms are designed in British style, which has walls in metal style with drama pictures and interior design that have conflict color matches. Each room is unique, and has its own secrets to be dug out.

The guest can make a reservation of a book, a movie, even a flavor or a weekly dinner with the playwright, drama star, drama critics or movie critics. “The Drama” also offers a free exhibition platform for anything about drama. The pioneers of drama/art/literature/design field are all able to gather at “The Drama” and share their free life style and vivid thoughts, just like the concept of Immersive Theatre “Sleep No More” : “Never regard yourself as an audience. Always be happy to be a interesting person, do something interesting.”

Except for expecting to change the traditional business model of hotels, what’s more important for TBDC is to set up a design strategy that reduce the cost but also make differentiations. In this way, the resource will be used in creating differentiations and crossing different field efficiently, and the routine and general stuffs can be copied and produced fast, so the hotel can develop fast and achieve their business goal without the limitation of the different location, culture or target market.

Design: Taipei Base Design Center

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