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LYOTO is a hair salon located in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea. LYOTO’s starting point begins by searching for the essence of beauty. One of our main visions is to study ways to maintain healthy hair conditions without using harmful chemicals or lavish procedures. Another motive is to find cosmetic procedures which add everlasting and vintage beauty by only using natural materials.

LYOTO’s interior is composed of procedural mirrors, the focal point of the design, which divide up the horizontal space of the shop. By connecting those mirrors to the ceiling, these create optical illusions of space and are constantly being segmented and reconnected. Additionally, the use of thick metal plate materials in order to convey the impression of natural aging color and textile. Through our design, our salon interior will have natural beauty. It will also achieve dynamic shading effect through constantly changing, seasonally and daily, window lights.

We believe the most important focus in our salon is the mirror. Through the mirror, the hairstylists and the customers can communicate. It was very intriguing to know that the mirror acts as a medium for the customers to check their end results. Therefore, the design and position the mirrors was the first primary concern of our investigation. Normally, the customers want to see every aspect of themselves when getting their hair done. For this, the customers try to see their reflections from different directions through hand mirrors and supplementary mirrors. We positioned ceiling mirrors and rear mirrors by having these needs in mind. The reflecting image is purposefully positioned and the mirrors will allow customers to follow up with their procedures in detail.

Next, we thought the hair salon has feminine and elegant characteristics, so we wanted to focus on these. Sleek and polished beauty is not the only essence. Man-made products cannot be always perfect, so we thought we can take beauty from material coarseness. From this coarse space, reflections of clean and clear face will be contrasted dramatically. That is why use of dark and coarse materials are used for our interior. During our haircut procedure, draping a black cloth on customer’s collar is not only for hair to fall onto the floor. It is also to give a focal point on the customer’s face, so that hairstylists and the customer can observe the form and detail of the procedures.

When the salon arena becomes dark and interior texture express its coarseness, the customer will recognize their change right away and their extreme beauty will be realized.

Designed by U.LAB
Photography by Yong-joon Choi

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