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The midspace between the real world and the world of music, which is the VIP lounge, is where guests have the opportunity to reminisce on past memories or find some clues to the meaning of life. This space will be a catalyst dressed in class and relaxation. This space is planned to be used mainly by all VIP members who love classical music and also to be used as a lounging area for all company employees. It is a social area where small lectures on culture will be held and guests will be able to meet concert performers. Classical music will feel natural within this space.

Refined in taste and with a touch of class, this area is open to a small group of fifteen, making it feel exclusive, private, and relaxed. It has a narrow entrance with a roomy interior. The area is designed for guests, at first glance, to appreciate the large space and a focal point is added as a means to greet those entering the room. Lines fall from a slanted protrusion which resembles raindrops falling from the eaves. As to emulate the rhythm of falling raindrops, various sizes of wood louvers are used and it is lighted in a specific way to imitate the usage of a wall washer.

The lines on the ceiling and on the floor make the illusion that the room is separated into two areas. In the hallway, connecting the main hall and concert hall, the VIP LOUNGE “VINEYARD” is located near the entrance which leads to the performers’ dressing room. The lounge is designed to stay consistent with the hallway’s dark toned wood louver. The façade and interior space continues the pattern with different depths and heights.

Even without the usage of curves, the design and the tone of classical music compliments each other beautifully. A long diagonal line on the ceiling separates the room into two zones; a personal study zone with a bookshelf and a fabric finish, and a café zone with a wood louver finish for ceiling and walls. Short diagonal line is used to split the area for information and area for regular guests. With this intersection, the guests using this facility will be able to feel more relaxed as they will not be visible to outside guests.

Design: Designbono
Photography: Yong Jun Choi

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