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Forget the feeling of structural permanence that many pop-up shops go after, using heavily branded, theme-based display elements. When British retailer Browns Fashion headed to Fred Segal, they wanted to convey something completely different: a sense of urgency. For the brand’s first project outside the UK, design consultancy Brinkworth focused on the nomadic nature of this retail space: the residency was only eight weeks long.

To highlight the ticking clock, the designers used two elements that usually don’t make it to the front end of a store: a set of 18 industrial trolleys for the clothes and some pieces of recycled construction foam and insulation panels to display shoes and accessories. This created a completely mobile system that enabled quick set-ups and gave the Browns team total flexibility to present the inventory.

‘We have introduced a new set of tools in the form of freestanding elements that facilitate varying retail moments, enabling Browns to host an exciting and ever-changing environment,’ explained Brinkworth CEO Adam Brinkworth.

But in this Sunset Boulevard location, the space also made subtle nods to their London identity: the colour and texture palette of the shops back in the English capital were also referenced in the materials, creating an unexpected melange of backdrops, shelves and stands.

The end result is a mix of high and low, a contrast between the raw and the superbly finished, that smartly mirrors the streetwear-meets-luxury feel of the Calvin Klein, Off-White and Balenciaga pieces on display.

Designed by Brinkworth
Photography by Erik Melvin


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