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The ancient books”lucky crane map”had recorded: on the second night of Lantern Festival in the second year of Northern Song Dynasty, suddenly the sky above the capital, the clouds floated, and the cranes flew over the palace. They hovered for a long time and refused to leave. The two cranes fell on the two tall kisses on the left and right sides of the palace.The people who attracted the imperial palace were astonished and the people on the road stopped to watch.The aerial crane looks like an understanding of the meaning of the person. It seems to be screaming for something, and it does not scatter over time. Later it flies northwest.

Song’s Chinese Cuisine uses modern materials and design techniques to interpret Chinese restaurants. 100,000 pieces of heterosexual stainless steel bricks and 400,000 pieces of colored feathers constitute the basic form of the Song’s Restaurant.The curving shape of the surface breaks the imagination of the Chinese restaurant and creates a unique spatial experience.

As the guests walk through the restaurant, the space gradually becomes narrow; It can be in close contact with the feathers, and the feathers that have been cast at high temperature slide over the fingertips. The smooth feathers leave the residual temperature in the hands, and its touch makes us experience everything we have experienced, one soft and one resolute, smart and shining. The stainless steel brick wall, seamless, hard, smooth; The brick floor of the collage has traces of years of friction, and the interspersed body makes the interior energetic.

The modern materials and details selected by Song’s Restaurant reveal the pursuit of atmosphere and ultimate taste.The people can feel the reappearance of the ancient scene, and it seems that people can immediately throw away the urban impetuous outside, and the heart becomes clean and immersed to appreciate the ancient cultural heritage.

This is a place where experience are sheltered in the building. Building becomes a form that creates a place that is different from indoors and different from nature. People feel the sun and the breeze, but we are in the building again,this is my favorite feeling.

The Space is no longer just a by-product of the order of events. A dynamic and fast-moving space ideally should be able to feel the state of the material as it passes through it.

The fluidity of the film brings people a narrative, and the flow of people in the architectural space also brings continuity to the dynamic space experience. To a certain extent, it is also narrative and forms a unique spatial experience.

Architects: Republican Metropolis Architecture
Lead Architects: Ray Wong
Design Team: Jet Wong, Jay Wong, Eunice Wong, Bell Wei, Jam Chan, Jack Qin, Tango Yang
Photographs: Jack Qin | RMA, Kaijian Lee


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