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The headquarters of Mark Fairwhale, a cutting-edge fashion brand based in Shanghai, has been tailored to create an environment which reflects the company’s DNA by utilizing water and whale themes to create a flexible working space that echoes its fresh, youthful style.
The primary driving force underpinning this project was the architects’ desire to translate the energy and diversity of the city of Shanghai, into the functional distribution of the workspace. In this way, as in the city itself, the office becomes a hub for interactions, and by removing formal and obsolete patterns typical in the most Chinese offices, the architects have created a modern, innovative and comfortable workspace that meets the needs of contemporary employees.

Lead designer: Antonio Berton, David Zhou

Design Team: Yixuan Gao, Yinyin Liu, Pengyu Yin, Tian Tian, Yu Ge, Liwei Wang, Guang Xia, Biyue Zhu, Yixing Ju, Youxin Zou, Haibo Lin, Coline Marty, Lara Jean-Louis, Wangxi Niu,

Clients: Mark Fairwhale

Consultants: Junya Mao, Guoqiang Yao, Minghua Zheng, Yinqian Sun

Photo credits: Wu QinShan           

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