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A zero-waste design, this wine packaging was designed with that in mind, not only its beautiful, luxurious, modern and aesthetic seduces the eye and senses of the beholder, but it was constructed with multi-utilities in mind, and without any compromise on the original purpose, to encase the high quality and exclusive nectar produced by the Alves Family at Quinta da Rede.

This design reflects the times we are living in, bringing innovation and function forward to help the environment and allowing the recycle/reusable lifespan of the box to be part of the home or office décor, either in the kitchen, garden, desk, dining table to hold cutlery or napkins, this box design is unique and can be kept for many years to come.

In what concerns material, the label is absolutely detailed, thanks to a high-quality printing, embossing molds and stamped foil. By the way it’s a signature production of the winemaker with 1.386 units. Over the bottle and the wood box, the user can find the coat of arms of the property, printed in high-definition technology and HMR material.

Challenge overpassed, and we do believe that this kind of ideas can be applied around the globe and helps to change radically the future of the way we consume and reuse.

What’s Unique?
This was a very demanding project in what concerns production, because we had to study and make multiple samples to test without any error the way the box is closed to keep the bottle in safe and to be reused to other purposes.



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