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The convergence of ancient and contemporary, the blend of leisurely and swift elements, and the integration of rich cultural heritage with the trendsetting luxury fashion scene are meticulously distilled and reshaped by ADS (All Design Studio). This endeavor culminates in yet another pinnacle of localized design for fashion spaces—the First COSCIA luxury boutique in Zhejiang. It situated in Puyuan Ancient Town, Jiaxing, arrived in September this year.
ADS ingeniously deconstructs and abstracts the traditional spatial configurations and color palettes inherent in Suzhou-style architecture. By simplifying intricate details, ADS merges contemporary minimalism with Eastern aesthetics, evoking a sense of longing and connection among viewers for the lifestyle characterized by quality and fashion.
Throughout the last decade, COSCIA has continuously set the pace for luxury fashion. Functioning as a luxury boutique store, it caters to consumers’ diverse multi-brand needs under one store. The COSCIA Puyuan Store differs significantly from traditional luxury store locations by situating itself within Puyuan Ancient Town which boasts distinctive localized architectural and cultural features. Harmonizing the fashionable and opulent brand image of COSCIA with the local cultural essence poses a significant challenge in the design process.

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